Looking to add something new to your menu for the holidays?

Check out these holiday baking & decorating ideas!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Let’s All Eat Cake!

Use our Bakeaholic Ultra Smooth White Creme Icing (#801113), Chefmaster Chefmaster Liqua-Gel  in Red (#547700), ASM Chocolate Truffle (#967500) and our Bakeaholic confetti to create a cake that ANY chocoholic will love!

Shortbread Cookies

Use our Bakeaholic Ray’s Shortbread Cookie Dough (#420900), and our HUGE variety of cookie cutters to make some sweet treats for the smart cookies in your life! If you want to make things even easier, try our Bakeaholic Ray’s Shortbread pre-cut rounds (#553771)!

Who Doesn’t Love Donuts?

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your donuts this Valentines Day, dip your donuts in a pink colored icing and top with your favorite V-Day sprinkle blend!

Mother’s Day Ideas

It’s All About MOM!

Use our Ray’s Frozen Cookie Dough (#142580) with our Bakeaholic Ultra Smooth White Icing (#801113) & the 4” (# 011153) & 1.5” (#011553) Heart cookie cutters to create an elegant dessert that will make mom feel appreciated on her special day! You can even top your tart with our Frozen Macarons (#415300) and Meringue using our Bakeaholic Meringue Powder (#208402)

Simple but Pretty!

Make gift for Mom that she won’t forget! Use our large frozen cupcakes (#177301) (#177401), our Bakeaholic Ultra Smooth White Icing (#801113) and the #22 Star Tip (#609822) to create this cute cupcake bouquet!

Mother’s Day Mini Layer Cakes

Use the Pillsbury Bakers Plus Cake Mix (White (#319901), Devil’s Food (#319956) and our Bakeaholic Ultra Smooth White Icing (#801113) to make Mini Layer Cakes! This is a simple but elegant dessert that will make all mom’s happy but will also elevate your display case!

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