Our Brands

Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply Inc. has provided the finest commercial baking products at the best prices for more than 20 years. In that time, we established a reputation for high quality and responsive service, and we did so one customer at a time.

Informed by our broad experience in the commercial baking space, we expanded our offerings in 2011, with the introduction of Over The Top Cake Supplies. Since then, we have continued our tradition of innovation, adding new brands to serve our growing customer base.

Cake Decorating & Baking Supplies

Over The Top Cake Supplies was established in 2011 to provide professional cake supplies at the retail level.

In addition to providing high-quality cake supplies, Over The Top’s multiple retail locations offer cake decorating classes led by professional bakers and fun parties for any occasion.

Brewery & Distillery Ingredients

JBBS founded Brewery Direct in 2015 to serve the rapidly expanding market of independent brewers across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The San Antonio-based firm currently operates two warehouses and sells a variety of malts, adjuncts, hops and yeasts.

Private Label Baking Products

Make something SWEET with Bakeaholics! Try some products from our Bakeaholic brand! From Candy Wafers to Edible Glitter, we’ve got you covered!

We are excited to offer our customer manufactured private brand. Established in 2016, Bakeaholic products were formulated and created through more than 50 years of bakery knowledge and hands on experience. When you purchase Bakeaholic, you are getting the absolute best in quality and innovation. You have our name on it!

For more information about all of our Bakeaholic products, contact your sales rep or visit one of our Over The Top Cake Supplies locations.

Gourmet Desserts

For over 30 years, our delightful assortment of confections has made our name synonymous with Delicious. We are a wholesale, gourmet, frozen dessert manufacturing company. We specialize in the creation of Place & Bake and Thaw & Serve dessert options using only the highest quality ingredients. We invite you to taste our delicious confections and see for yourself why Aphrodite Divine Confections are synonymous with Delicious and why we rank superior with our customers.