The History of Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply

kevin and blains dadJohnson Bros Bakery Supply was founded in September, 1994 by Kevin and Blain Johnson.  The brothers spent their growing up years working for their parents who owned and operated retail bakeries in Minnesota and Texas. Kevin trained in the area of baking and frying donuts while Blain trained to be a cake decorator and front end operations.

After high school, Kevin switched to the supply side of the baking industry while Blain continued in the retail side of the business.  Eventually Blain joined his brother on the supply side of the industry working for the same company.

It was while working together in 1994 that the brothers saw a "nitch" in the bakery distribution business that needed to be filled.

They realized their dream that same year and launched Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply on September 6th, 1994.


Johnson Bros. has grown to include a full operational branch in Dallas, a distribution hub in Houston, and they continue to maintain the corporate headquarters out of San Antonio, Texas.

In the summer of 2012, Blain left the company to pursue a passion in mission work.  Kevin continues with his passion for the bakery business as he leads Johnson Bros. into a new era.

The company currently employs over 80 people, daily routes 20 trucks, ships to 4 states, stocks over 8000 SKU's, and carries a complete line of baking supplies.

Kevin considers it a blessing and a privilege to count you as one of his customers.

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